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50th Graduation Anniversary Class Gift



Aloha, SLHS Class of 1979!

Here is a link to make it easier for all '79 classmates and family to donate to our class fund.


The link is as follows:

or click DONATE SLHS '79


Clicking on the link will take you to the DONATE page where you will see CRUSADER STRONG at the top of the page. Below, you will see the following categories:



This would be for individuals who would like to make a one-time donation only. Leave it blank if you would like to donate monthly.



Click on the drop box and select CLASS CONTRIBUTIONS. In the comment box, type in Class of 1979 Class Fund


Recurring Gift

For individuals wanting to do a recurring monthly gift, check the box.

The drop box will allow you to select Monthly, Quarterly or Annually.

We are encouraging classmates to select monthly.

The next box will be for you to select:


Day 1 of each month

Day 15 of each month

Day 30 of each month

Billing Address

Enter your name and billing information



This is where you will enter your credit card information to secure your payment.


Mahalo to each of you for your dedication to the “Red and Blue” of our great Alma Mater, Saint Louis (High) School.


Memor et fidelis,


Russell A. Valente ‘79

Saint Louis School

Director of Admissions

(808) 739-4833

“Where boys who want to change the world become the men who do”

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