50th Graduation Anniversary Class Gift



Aloha, SLHS Class of 1979!


Our energetic and loyal class has begun to respond in earnest to my prior letter asking that each member of our mighty class “step up to the (Crusader) Plate” to become a vital member of the “50 Classmate Core” needed to fund, slowly and steadily, the 50th year anniversary class gift of $50,000.00 to our Alma Mater, Saint Louis School.


Mahalo to so many of you who almost immediately filled-out the “count me in, Russell Valente” form, and returned it, each dedicated to donate a minimum of $40.00 per year, for the next 20 years, to help create and establish our Class of 1979 50th Year Anniversary Gift of $50,000.00 to Saint Louis School. An extra Mahalo to those who choose to send in checks with your reply. For those of you who have yet to “jump-in,” it’s never too late. Join us, and become not only an essential and much needed part of our “Class Core,” but also a recognized and vital part of both our class and Saint Louis School history.


As our classmates continue to respond to our Alma Mater’s call for support, let me bring you “up to speed” re: the safe, secure and well managed infrastructure that has been set-up to maintain and account for monies our dedicated class has now begun and will continue to donate and build:


    * Our Class of 1979 Trust Fund has been officially set-up at SLS, is now “up and running” and ready from now on to

       accept our donations.

    * Our Class of 1979 Trust Fund has a current balance of about $1,000.00 which puts us well on our way to the

       $50,000.00 goal we will reach some twenty years from now.

    * Tax deductible donations can be made to our Class of 1979 Trust Fund at anytime, by several different methods,

        to include automatic credit card contributions and cash payments.


Below is the easy  to follow form to be used to deposit monies to our Class of 1979 Trust Fund. Simply click on the form to expand it, and then right click to save it and print it, or to print it out immediately.

Let’s keep the energy and positive momentum up, guys, by each taking a few moments to fill-out and send in the enclosed form to SLS (Attn: Ways of Giving). Let’s each pledge our first year commitment of $40.00 (or any amount you are willing to donate toward our $50,000.00 goal, whether it be more or less than the suggested $40.00) and let’s continue to do so year after year until our goal of $50,000.00 is reached.


Mahalo to each of you for your dedication to the “Red and Blue” of our great Alma Mater, Saint Louis (High) School.


Memor et fidelis,





***UPDATE:  As many of our dedicated Classmates no doubt remember, this letter was originally written several years ago to inspire our Class to begin a very easy, convenient & "user friendly" way to meet our donation goal.  Since this program began, our Class fund has grown to a very respectable $__________,  We have a long way to go, however.